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“Babylon” Film 2014


“Babylon” Film 2014

Released in February 2014, Babylon is a feature length comedy drama lasting 90 minutes. Full of laughter and despair, it is a political satire which centres around a police force who are making a TV show about the police. Featuring hilarious dialogue which manages to criticise the system while offering plenty of good humour, this TV movie, with one of the best known directors of modern times at the helm, is intended as the pilot for a 6 part TV series.


Danny Boyle, the director, is well known already for his Hollywood movies and his role in directing the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and as you might expect, this film moves on apace with speedy cuts, thumping beats and plenty of fast moving action.


The script was penned by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, the team behind Four Lions, Fresh Meat and Peep Show, and, in common with their prior works, this piece applies American ambition with British sensibilities to excellent effect.


The ensemble cast tell the tale of a shooting spree in the heart of London, and it stars some amazing performers. The role of Chief Commissioner Richard Miller is played by James Nesbitt in one of his finest roles for years. Jonny Sweet, star of Chickens, plays one of his cronies while Finn, the head of communications is Bertie Carvel, who excels in this odious role.


The story explores the way in which the force deal with the shootings, which just happen to take place on the very same day that the PR boss from America, Liz Garvey (played by Brit Marling), takes up her post. The drama covers bureaucratic black holes and several police departments until the climax, which is farcical in the extreme.


There is also a romantic sideline which is explored between Garvey and Miller, which may appeal to those who like a touch of romance in their comedy drama.


While Babylon film 2014 cannot be described as a vicious satire, it is very human and also very funny.

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