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Cold Turkey, E-Cigs, Nicotine Patches: Which Choice Is Best? Or Worse

Cold Turkey, E-Cigs, Nicotine Patches: Which Choice Is Best? Or Worse

Would you like to have a dime for every time you hear somebody’s New Year’s Resolutions start off with: Quit Smoking? Next to dieting and exercising, hard to say which is number one in this area. For the quit smoking resolution, the biggest daunting question they had was: How? And that would be followed up with another question: What is the best method to quit smoking?

While the side effects of smoking are established, the side effects of the diverse ways to quit are still being studied. Which one makes it the easiest? Which one is safer? Which one will make it faster? Here, we are going to take a brief look at a few different methods and try to answer some of the questions for the person that is considering taking this leap:

Different People, Different Methods

i quitCold Turkey: I’m told that my husband’s grandfather used the cold turkey method back in the 1960s before it had this label. Back in those days, here in the United States, businesses and stores closed on holidays such as Christmas and he had run out of cigarettes on Christmas Day. Since he couldn’t go buy any, he simply put down his lighter and said, “I quit” and never lit one up again. He lived to reach his early 90s.

Today, those who have tried the cold turkey method will tell you it is the hardest thing ever to do. And for many smokers, it was a failure. It is a fact that the smoking habit is replaced with food which in turn causes weight gain, and thus, another issue to tackle.

Gum: This is chewing gum that has had small bits of nicotine mixed into it which are intended to ease a smoker’s cravings as they chew it. One down side to this is the smoker’s craving are not completely satisfied with this gum and another, the “habit” of smoking isn’t addressed (meaning the act of placing a cigarette in the mouth and the oral fixation smoking provides.

Patches: This method calls for the person to place a circular patch on their upper arm and nicotine is released directly onto the smoker’s skin and absorbed into their bloodstream. Again, this doesn’t address the physical part of smoking: Sticking a cigarette in the mouth and the oral fixation of sucking in the nicotine.

The Actual Act Is Habit Forming

Smoking is more than just absorbing nicotine in the body. There is the actual action that a smoker has when they smoke. The cigarette between their fingers, in their mouth, and the inhaling and exhaling of the cigarette itself.  And thus, as stated above, is why the three methods listed above often, result in failure.

Electronic Cigarettes

ecigsElectronic cigarettes, also referred to as e-cigarettes, are a device that simulates cigarettes and combines smoking actions. They also allow you to choose different nicotine levels so that you can gradually wean yourself of the nicotine craving.

E-cigarettes have a container that is filled with water and flavoring. It is powered by a battery and when you push the button, it produces a nicotine-infused mist or vapor (hence the name “vaping”) and gives the smoker a similar act of smoking less the chemical and toxic ingredients of the traditional cigarette. E-cigarettes simulate smoking and provide a nicotine replacement while allowing the user to adjust the amount of nicotine without any form of combustion. Nor do they produce carbon monoxide.